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Part of our mission here at Holy Family is to care for each other when life has thrown one curve too many.  One of the ways we do this is by adding a person’s name to our daily prayers.

If you need a prayer, either for a friend, a loved one, or for yourself, or if you want to request a special prayer for someone or somewhere in the world at large, simply click on the link labeled prayer request to send an email to prayer@holyfamilyhmb.org ; or call Holy Family Church at (650) 726-0506 and leave a message for the Prayer Chain.  In your email please put “Prayer Request” in the subject line.

We will respond to a request in whatever way you wish.  For example, we will add “Jason” to our daily prayers; or we will add “healing for a family member”.  A prayer can be as anonymous and simple as the person making the request wishes.  Prayer requests will be held within the circle of those praying.

We will keep a prayer on the prayer list for 7 days. A person can contact us to ask for another 7 days at any time.

email Prayer Request